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horse racing software
Welcome to horseracingsoftware.net.  We provide you with completely free sports betting software. No trial periods, no sign-up. The programs can be used for online betting, greyhound racing and even for sports betting.
Bet Recorder - bet tracking software

bet tracking softwareKeeps track of all your horse racing bets.

With Bet Recorder you can save betting details such as race dates, time, course, your win and/or place stake etc. This is the perfect software to help you achieve success in horse racing betting. Once results are known enter the odds payed and Bet Recorder calulates your return, profit/loss and running balance.

  • Automatically calculates your return, profit/loss and running balance.
  • Create multiple systems for different betting methods used.
  • Detailed performance statistics provided for each betting system.
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Dutch Book - Dutch book betting software

dutch book softwareBet on multiple selections in the same race for a fixed profit or return no matter which selection wins.

Enter the expected odds and the software will calculate the stake amounts required on each selection to return your set amount if odds payed are equal to or greater than the expected odds.

  • Enter up to 24 prices per race.
  • Option for including a saver bet.
  • Bet to win a set profit or return on your outlay.
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Target Staker - target betting software

traget betting softwareBet to win a set objective over a series of races such as the Cheltenham Festival betting. Target Staker calculates your target amount and bet size according to the expected win odds entered.

  • Set your objective per race or per series.
  • Create seperate systems for different betting methods used.
  • Create additional sheets within each system. This can be useful for betting more than one horse per race.

Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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